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  • Police Recruitment Target Tracker Technology is the best new technology for Police Recruitment.  We Make Police Recruitment Easy.
  • Identify Potential Candidates
  • One Time Purchase  / Works Very Well with our Job Listing Packages
  • Get in front of diverse police candidates looking for police careers
  • 'Drip' on them throughout the year automatically - Target Tracker does it for you.
  • Quick setup of your criteria - We need your logo, text about your department, hiring criteria, application link, website link, facebook page if available.
  • Provides your hiring announcement to millions when you announce it.  Instantly broadcasts it out to hundreds of channels throughout the United States including's network.
  • Directs candidates to apply to your department.
  • Administered by's Staff
  • Get Diverse, Qualified Police Candidates
  • Provides your department with numbers and statistics that can be very useful to your recruitment efforts.  You receive the number identified (your audience), the number targeted (your exposure), the number tracked (how many the technology will follow up with), and the number of candidates interested in your position. 
  • The technology will provide you with feedback on issues and items that candidates are either concerned about or worried about pertaining to your department and the career opportunity.
  •'s Police Recruitment Target Tracker Technology is the ultimate tool in today's recruitment environment.  
  • Saves your department thousands of dollars each year.  Eliminates the need for excessive advertising costs of your job openings.
  • Our Team sets up your profile.  An Introduction package is sent via US Mail to your department.  An email is sent with setup instructions and operational guidelines.  We coordinate the entire setup process and provide complete organizational support for administration of your department's objectives.  
  • Questions or to Arrange a Free Demo for your Department?  Call us at 877-391-0861 Monday-Friday - 10am-4pm ET or contact us via contact form.

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